So, wondering what will happen if you enter your email address above?  Well, First you will go to a page that will ask your name and ask “What are you looking for? That’s just some basic information that gets sent to me, so if you would like me to assist you I have a general idea what you are looking for.

You’ll then see a button that says send verification email. That is because I want to make sure you really want to get automated search results for homes you may be interested in.

Once you do that, it will take you to a “Cloudstreams” setup page. Here you will enter a city, or specific Zip Code and a max price for the Chicago condo, townhouse or home you may be looking for.

You’ll see a pop-up message that tells you how many properties it found for your Chicago Real Estate search. It will have an additional field for you You will see additional fields such as number of Bedrooms, Bathrooms and Square feet. Also your name and a password field to create an account so you can manage search options, and frequency of contact, and even the ability to get real time results when something new comes on the market in real time!

So now, click on the “Let’s Go”  button to see the initial properties located!

Once you are on this page, you will see large photos of the properties, and some basic information.  You can favorite properties, or make a comment. Such as what you like or don’t like about the property.

Until now, we’ve just done the basics. And it should have taken you about 1-2 minutes or so!
But, now we are getting to the good stuff!
If you click on the “alerts” button you see see several options to get emails from the system. Choices will be:

  • Realtime
  • Daily
  • Weekly
    You will also be able to select the type of updates you want to receive including:
  • New Listings Only
  • New and Updated listings
  • Updated listings Only

Now… I have even quicker way to stay ahead of your competition (other buyers) in this hot Chicago market. If you have supplied a phone number in the account you created, you can get real time text messages for new listings that match your search criteria!

Again, because I don’t want to send you anything you don’t want, you will need to click “verify”, you’ll get a text message with a code, and need to enter this code into the page to begin getting realtime texts for new properties.

I suggest after you log out, you bookmark this cloudstreams page so you can return at any time and update search criteria, change contact settings, etc.

Of course, you can also just call me at 312-650-9434 and discuss what you are looking for and have me create a search for you. You can also email me at – or if you are on your phone or tablet, you can download my app.

Thanks! Feel free to reach out if you have any questions on your Chicago Loop, South Loop, River North, or Gold Coast real estate home.